Concept : A.O.F. (Art of Friendship)

In this raging COVID-19 pandemic, social dilemmas have deteriorated the way of connection. But the desire to seek comfort and friendship has never stoped. The missing moments of separation, the expectation of the reunion , the exchange of feelings, how should these inner emotions be expressed and deliver?

PARTIST believes that art can be the answer. Perhaps we have never thought about making art a gift, sending blessings to friends we care about at this moments. But now, this will be a special beginning. Through art, we can experience culture and share. Taste, communicate life, support creativities . The important thing is to discover the reasons for connecting with each other through the artworks, convey the heart of comforting each other, and also leave the mark of every friendship story.

PARTIST selects the works of Asian contemporary artists of Urban Art to provide you with special and friendly choices at an affordable price.



PARTIST 認為藝術可以成為解答,也許我們從未想過讓藝術成為一件禮物,在重要的時刻給我們關心的朋友送上祝福,但這會是 一個特別的開始,透過藝術我們可以一起感受文化,分享品味,交流生活,支持創作。重要的是透過作品,發掘連結彼此的理由,傳遞撫慰彼此的心意,也留下友誼故事的印記。

PARTIST 精選亞洲當代藝術家與 Urban Art 作品,以易於入手的價格,提供每個心念友情的你,特別且友善的選擇。